M8 8pin Custom Male/Female 90 Degree Or Straight Connector

The M8 8-pin connector is a specific variant of the M8 connector family, known for its versatility and durability. This particular type features eight pins, which can transmit a variety of signals, power, or data, depending on the specific application. Here's a detailed description of the M8 8-pin connector in English: The M8 8-pin connector is a compact and robust electrical connector used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Its name derives from its metric sizing standard, and it is known for its circular design with threaded metal or plastic coupling nuts, allowing for secure and quick connections. Unlike its smaller 3-pin or 4-pin counterparts, the M8 8-pin connector offers more versatility in terms of signal transmission. Each M8 8-pin connector consists of a housing with eight pins arranged in a circular pattern. These pins can be used to carry various signals, including Ethernet, data, power, or a combination of these, depending on the specific requirements of the equipment or machinery it's used with. This flexibility makes it ideal for applications such as industrial automation, robotics, and sensors, where multiple connections are needed. One of the standout features of the M8 8-pin connector is its resistance to environmental factors. Many variants of this connector are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, typically conforming to IP67 or higher ratings. This level of protection ensures that it can perform reliably in harsh conditions, including exposure to moisture, dirt, and temperature extremes.

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Item Name
Number of contacts
3; 4; 5; 6; 8
Connector locking system
Screw, Solder
Wire guage
Max. 0.25mm²; Max. 0.25mm²; Max. 0.25mm²; Max. 0.25mm²; Max. 0.14mm²
Cable outlet
3.5-5 mm
Degree go protection
Mechanical operation
>100 mating cycles
Temperature range
Rated voltage
60V; 30V; 30V;30V; 30V
Rated im pulse voltage
1500V;1500V; 800V; 800V; 800V
Pollution degree
Overvoltage categorie
Material group
Rated current(40°)
3A; 1.5A
Contact resistance
<=3mΩ (Gold)
Material of contact
Contact plating
Material of contact body
Material of housing
Codding key
A; B

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