M5 Series circular Connector

The M5 connector is a small-sized circular connector that is commonly used in various industries and applications. Here is a description, applications, and advantages of the M5 connector: The M5 connector features a compact and cylindrical design with a thread for mating. It typically consists of 3 or 4 pins/contacts, depending on the specific variant. The connector is made of durable materials such as metal or ruggedized thermoplastics to withstand harsh environments. It provides a reliable electrical connection and is suitable for use in tight spaces or applications that require miniaturization.

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Connector Type Circular connector
Number of Pins Typically 3 or 4 pins/contacts
Housing Material Metal (such as copper alloy or stainless steel) or engineering plastics (such as PA66)
Contact Material Copper alloy or other conductive materials, often plated with metals (such as gold or nickel) for improved conductivity
Rated Voltage Typically 30V or higher
Rated Current Typically 1A or higher
Protection Rating (IP Rating) Typically IP67 or higher
Temperature Range Typically -40°C to +85°C or higher
Connection Method Threaded coupling mechanism
Mating Cycles Typically 500 to 1000 mating cycles
Pin Spacing Typically 1mm to 1.5mm
Application Field industrial automation, robotics, instrumentation, automotive, and medical equipment, for connecting sensors, actuators


M5 Series

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Compact Size: The small form factor of the M5 connector allows for space-saving installations, especially in applications with limited space or requiring miniaturization. Reliable Connection: The threaded design of the M5 connector ensures a secure and robust connection, maintaining consistent electrical performance even in challenging environments. Durability: M5 connectors are designed to withstand harsh conditions, with materials that provide resistance to vibrations, shocks, and temperature variations. Versatility: The M5 connector is available in various pin configurations, allowing for versatile applications and compatibility with different devices and systems. Easy Installation: The threaded mating design of the M5 connector enables quick and secure connections, making installation and maintenance convenient.The M5 connector finds applications in a wide range of industries, including: Industrial Automation: The small size of the M5 connector makes it suitable for sensors, actuators, and other automation equipment in industrial environments. Robotics: M5 connectors are commonly used in robotic systems for connecting sensors, grippers, and other peripheral devices. Instrumentation: The M5 connector is utilized in various instrumentation devices, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and flow meters. Automotive: It can be found in automotive applications, particularly in sensors, switches, and control modules. Medical Devices: The compact size and reliable connection of the M5 connector make it suitable for medical devices, including handheld diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring systems.

Industrial Automation




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Packaging Details ● Each connector in a PE bag. every 50 or 100 pcs of connectors in a small box (size:20cm*15cm*10cm) ● As customer required ● Hirose connector Port: Any port in China Lead time:
Quantity(pieces) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Lead time (days) 3 5 10 To be negotiated

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