IP44 industry plug and socket

The IP44 industry plug and socket are electrical connectors designed for industrial applications, providing a secure and protected connection for power supply. The "IP44" rating indicates that the connectors offer a certain level of protection against solid objects and water ingress. IP44 industry plugs and sockets are designed to offer protection against solid objects larger than 1mm in diameter (e.g., tools, wires) and protection against water splashes from any direction. They are engineered to ensure reliable electrical connections in harsh and demanding industrial environments.

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Voltage Rating Typically rated for AC voltages ranging from 110V to 480V, depending on the specific application and region.
Current Rating Available in various current ratings, such as 16A, 32A, 63A, or higher, to suit different industrial power requirements.
Number of Pins Commonly available in 2-pin (single-phase) and 3-pin (three-phase) configurations, based on the power supply and load characteristics.
Material Constructed from high-quality materials like robust plastics or durable metals to withstand industrial environments.


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Durability: The IP44 rating ensures the connectors can withstand exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture, making them suitable for outdoor and industrial use. Safety: The connectors provide secure connections and protect against accidental contact, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. Versatility: IP44 industry plugs and sockets come in various configurations, allowing them to meet diverse industrial power requirements. Easy Installation: The connectors are designed for quick and straightforward installation, improving efficiency in industrial setups.IP44 industry plugs and sockets are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications, including: Construction Sites: Providing temporary power supply to construction equipment and tools on-site. Factories and Manufacturing Plants: Connecting industrial machinery, motors, and equipment to power sources. Outdoor Events and Festivals: Supplying power for lighting, sound systems, and other electrical equipment at temporary venues. Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Supporting power supply for material handling equipment and machinery.Packaging Details ● Each connector in a PE bag. every 50 or 100 pcs of connectors in a small box (size:20cm*15cm*10cm) ● As customer required ● Hirose connector Port: Any port in China Lead time:
Quantity(pieces) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Lead time (days) 3 5 10 To be negotiated

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